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Fractures Diagnosis

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Fractures can happen in any bone in the body and that results from a medical condition that weakens the bones. It can be a partial break or full break in the bone tissue and takes proper food, medicines and rest to recover thoroughly. There are various types of fractures such as avulsion fracture, comminuted fracture, compression or crush, fracture-dislocation and many more. Healthy bones are quite tough and can resist unexpectedly strong impacts. However, if you apply enough pressure, they might fracture. With age bones normally become weaker and are more prone to fracture. As humans get old the disorder that weakens the bones is more likely to develop in them.


What we do?

Our professionals will enquire as to what exactly happened to cause a person's fracture. After that, a physical examination will be conducted to get a diagnosis. They will request an X-ray if necessary, and in some circumstances, an MRI or CT scan may also be required. In most circumstances, the normal process of bone healing will take place. Therefore, treatment typically focuses on providing the injured bone with the best circumstances for healing and ensuring optimal future function.

For the natural healing process of the bones to begin, the doctor you are visiting will reduce the fracture. For reducing the fracture, the doctor will be lining up the ends of the broken bones. In case the fracture is small in size, the doctor can do this by manipulating the affected area externally. However, in some instances, this may require surgery. Bone healing is a natural process that usually takes place without any intervention. As a result, the goal of treatment is usually to ensure that the broken bone has the greatest possible conditions for healing and that it will operate at its best going forward.

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